Top eCommerce Trends for 2021

The eCommerce market is on fire right now with a huge revenue share of the entire global market coming from online purchases. 2021 is bound to be a strong year as well, with trends already forming up to shape the industry future.

Let’s take a look at the 2021 eCommerce trends:

Multi-Channel eCommerce

With the term multi-channel or omnichannel, we mean the ability to split your store between different mediums. In this case, an online store can also sell their products on social networks, on mobile through mobile optimization and or serve different delivery methods.

Multi-channel eCommerce is the main reason why the market has made a huge leap in the recent years mostly due to the flow of customers deciding to shop online without the struggles of conventional methods.

AI Implementation

Adding an artificial intelligence algorithm into your online store might not have been a necessity up until now but it’s about to change. The market is changing and with it the needs of consumers.

Adding an AI assistant or AI recommendations into your online store will change forever the way your visitors shop and as a result, you will get more conversions.

AR Enhance

Augmented Reality will find a huge place in modern eCommerce. According to recent statistics, more than 120.000 stores will use some type of AR technology by 2022. Of course, this is a rough estimation as the augmented reality implementation could become even more accessible and affordable for the mid-range businesses.

Subscription Boxes

Subscriptions are a way to promote loyalty and give customers an initiative to invest more in your brand. In 2021, subscriptions are not limited to digital goods. Subscription boxes have found their own way into the norm, with big brands creating merch boxes that customers can bet on a monthly basis without having to decide what items they want to buy. This practice works best with cosmetics and skin care brands, clothing brands and jewellery. The list is not limited though as you can create your very own subscription box in every niche with a little bit of creativity.

Mobile eCommerce

Mobile users have a huge share in sales in 2020 and this trend will continue in 2021 as well. Making your online store mobile friendly is unarguably the most important practice you can do to succeed. In synergy with multi-channel eCommerce, sales through mobile will skyrocket especially for brands that invest in their mobile advertisement.